“Fix it, You’re Broken” VS “Accept it, You’re Here”

The former has us behind. Always trying to cover up what’s “wrong“, what we’re missing, what’s lacking.

In the other, we’re working from Presence. Surrendering to our circumstances in the moment, so we can heal.

Once we heal, we have the opportunity for something new. For an organic shift in consciousness. Not one that’s forced.

Ones from pushing away our circumstances, the other is by bringing it in closer.

Examining it with a quiet voice. In stillness, we get to see it. Really observe it. Study it. Look at every layer, from every angle…letting the unconscious do most of the work.

The question is, “How much can you handle?”

Many of us push away, trying to “fix” or hack our way to it, because it’s too uncomfortable to sit with all the sensations, images, thoughts.

It’s becomes an exercise in mental gymnastics, to out-think our bodies. Our nervous systems. Our hard-wired programming.

You’re not broken. You’re fixed. You always have been. You came this way.

You may desire to HEAL some “human pattern stuff” you picked up as a kiddo and are living out right now…however…

you are Fully Creative, Capable and Complete.

Here’s to the Acceptance of Your Wholeness. 👑


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