You’re meant to be bubbling over with ecstasy, feeling oxytocin and connection flooding your veins.

To be so indescribably in yourself.

To be BEYOND in yourself.

The problem is your in deficit.

Prosperity is not the money in your bank account, but what’s felt in your being. In the way you hold yourself.

Prosperity is doing only 5 things…in the entire day.

Each one crafted with such elegance and presence.

It’s building that gift 🎁 in your heart before it ever sees the light of day.

It’s okay that you’ve gotten here, and maybe don’t know how to get out…

You just got a little ahead of yourself.

You got aHEAD of your body. (Thanks Brooke Kalan for that one)

You stopped feeling, and started doing.

Hoping at some point you’d feel more or better than before.

It’s time to move forward to feeling. To sensing the simple moments…

Rich in profundity.

Body Tingles

And Whispers of, “Oh wow, now I remember”

If you’re ready to BE more, and do less, comment Below or message me,

“I want more of ME.”


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