Where are you Escaping?

Repressing or Suppressing your best self?

Our Unconscious plays funny games with us in order to keep us safe and “protected”…

Many of us are simply escaping high performance.

It’s not somewhere we need to get to.

It’s somewhere we can be NATURALLY.

We’ve gotten our systems clogged like a garbage disposal that’s backed up.

Our systems in our business and our body and mindset systems.

We just need to unclog the drain.

How do we do that?

One courageous move to decide to unplug the electric, and unclog that drain.

Recommended every morning, noon and night…but at least once a day, consciously choosing to NOT escape our feelings and the big hairy projects on our plate, and instead do what you’re meant to be doing here.

Most likely the thing stopping you is not your marketing funnel, the clients, the colleagues or business partners…it’s the little ways in which you are trying to escape every day…

What little ways do you try to escape?


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