Are you a master strategist and thought leader for your clients?

Shifting their tactics for business + personal growth?

I wanna talk to you.

I’m coming out of the closet to help AMPLIFY your impact.

Combining YOUR Mindset/Business Teaching with my Body Integration Teaching at your Events and Retreats!

For close to a decade, my neuroscience-based movement system has given my clients sustainable BodyMind Integration for greater results in their business + life!

…It’s time to bring this to a wider audience, and step forward into partnerships with other powerful change makers in the mindset arena.

The Body-Based anchoring strategies I teach help the mental concepts come alive in a whole new way as a felt experience!

This is the gold I want to offer to other mastermind leaders, so your clients can…

Have the same anchoring and sustainable, long term results.


The “retreat high”, that quickly fades when they arrive home.


By working together, your clients will to take empowered action, with an embodied, stronger “HELL YES” to your work!

So your work can go further and deeper with your clients.

My guess is you know from personal experience that when you don’t integrate your mindset work into the body you lose the long term benefits.

I have the skill set to partner with you and make this an easy fix for you and your clients just like you do in your business.

If you wanna talk about the missing link to your clients sustainable results, shoot me a PM.

Let’s do this.


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