Guilt. You feel at the moment you stop working and go to your family and friends.

There is an overwhelming feeling “I should be working right now”.

The real thing you’re feeling though is that you did not get enough done the previous time you were working, and feel unclear about what your next actions are.

The unclarity and lack of action, leaves too much guilt and shame for many entrepreneurs.

While the laptop lifestyle means more “freedom”, if you’re not being effective in those free hours, it quickly becomes a jail cell.

You have the right and privilege to be an entrepreneur, but are you fully harnessing the opportunity to have incredible relationships, incredible health and incredible performance?

Or are you burning out trying to do and have it all, without proper boundaries and confidence and action?

Chances are you’re excelling at one, and really missing the mark on the other ones…

For The first 3 people to comment below or message me, I’ll offer a 15 minute “Guilt Obliterator Session”! 


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