On the surface, we’re afraid of wasting time, but underneath that we have a Fear of deep, crushing, shameful “Failure”: Tony Robbins and others advocate for MASSIVE ACTION, which is powerful and important….but ONLY once we are clear on the direction we’re going.

Knowing THAT actually paralyzes most of us, because when we’re unclear, what we NEED to do is take a micro movement in EITHER direction.

From that new perspective and vantage point on the mountain, we have new data, and can recalibrate and decide, “Yes this is ABSOLUTELY the direction, I feel inspired towards, I’m going to keep moving, or “No, this micro movement informed me this is NOT what I want to do”, so you simply reverse, and take simple action in the other direction.

You didn’t lose anything.

Creative Warrior Key: We’re afraid of losing time going in the wrong direction, but that’s exactly what happens when you sit with paralysis by analysis. You lose time.

Look at all of your work as a Practice: It’s Craftsmanship In your Career.

REAL TALK: Why is it so High Stakes in your Day to Day? What are you going to lose, and why are you addicted to the fear of losing it, every day?


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