Design A Life Wothout FOMO

As we simplify and declutter our lives, we become less attached to all the things in our lives and have to face the dreaded *spending time with ourselves*, and in finding enjoyment exactly where we are.

When we make this bold choice of decluttering all of the distractions of our lives, (including excessive social media), we have less excuses: of not having enough time, or not having enough money.

We’re not shoving too many appointments into our days, and we’re not buying tons of stuff to put into closets that we’ll never use.

So we have freedom. Freedom of time and money.

With opportunities and decisions coming at us left and right on our smartphones, we can tend to forget what it’s like to be HERE.


Right now.

And FOMO, or Fear of missing out, is knowing that there are MILLIONS upon millions of things you could be doing but aren’t, and feeling like this moment that you’re in isn’t good enough.

The only antidote is for where you are right now to be way more important and valuable than anything else you could do doing. It’s our relationship to the moment that matters, not the content of the moment.

We have this deathly fear of being bored, or not effectively using every moment of the day. And because of this we’re also afraid to say “no” to opportunities for Fear Of Missing Out. So what do most of us do? Take on too many projects, phone calls, or events. And get overwhelmed and fearful, that yes…we will miss out.

For Just one NIGHT this week: Clear your calendar. And sit down at the kitchen table. And let whatever you feel moved to do, do it. Whatever it is. Chances are, it’s exactly what you needed to do. It maybe to call a friend. It may be to just go to sleep really early. Or read a good book.

Whatever you do, we need you to have a simple and decluttered life. So there is more SPACE for your greatest work and play to come through.


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