Online Transformational Programs To Nurture Your Health, Wealth And Relational Intelligence

The Supreme Performance Academy

Unlock Foundational Aspects Of Entrepreneurship that Create Productivity + Fulfillment

The Supreme Performance Academy is for high-achieving entrepreneurs who have hit a wall in their business and personal lives. They know when they’re ON, they have the power to create massive impact and income, but they feel isolated, burnt out or unclear on how to sustainably move forward. 


In this proven 6 Week system, you will learn:

  • How to Release the Anxiety and Fear of Failure
  • How to Align to Your Daily Rhythms to Your Goals
  • How to Build Momentum and Confidence in Your Business
  • How to Stop Procrastinating
  • How to Let Go of the FOMO
  • How to Create More Time and Space in your Life for what you WANT to do
  • How to Reconnect to your Purpose and Craft
  • How to Improve your Relationship with Self and with Others.

And I will give you the inner tools and resources you need to master productivity on a daily basis, so that you can create sustainable habits and results for your life and business.

If you’re ready to unlock Fulfillment AND Productivity, the Supreme Performance Academy is for you.

Relational Intelligence

Matthew created this powerful relationship mastery program with his incredible wife, Amanda Renae. Together, they help singles and couples master the mechanics of relationships – from communication, to connection to intimacy. 

One of our core needs as human beings is love. It’s something we all crave. But nobody ever properly teaches us how to actually be in a relationship. Very often, the only models we have to learn from are our parents or the relationships we see portrayed in the media. And these aren’t always healthy examples for us to model.

In this beautiful 6 week program, Matthew and Amanda teach you how to design a symbiotic, supportive and sexually supercharged relationship. They share:

  • How to set a fool proof relationship foundation
  • How to calmly resolve conflicts and disputes
  • How to breakthrough the co-dependency habit
  • How to optimize your love connection
  • How to supercharge your sex life
  • How to feel like you’re on a never-ending Honeymoon

Would you like to learn how to have a thriving relationship?

Your Body Blueprint

The Source Of All Your Power Lies Within

Your Body Blueprint is a 5 week intensive program that helps you release the overwhelm, anxiety, stress and struggle that’s stuck within your body so that you can come back to your own healing and reignite the power of creativity, alignment, self-expression and connection that lives inside of you.

In this incredible 5 week program, we’ll work through the 5 necessary pillars that create your Body Blueprint:

  • Foundation
  • Transmutation
  • Willpower
  • Heart Expression
  • Ascension

Discover and unlock energy within your body, so that you can break through into a new way of thinking, feeling and being that will cause you to tap into your most abundant flow state.