Connection + Clarity (overtime) = Trust

As you build Connection, coupled with Clarity over time… you get Trust.

Connection (with Repetition) overtime brings,
Clarity (with Repetition) brings,
Trust (of that Connection + Clarity).

When you connect to your body as you would a good friend, again and again…like a daily phone call with a friend, you begin to experience connection.

Do this enough, and asking the probing questions with love, and you get clarity. Do THIS enough, and you build trust. With a friend, lover or your body, the same principle applies.

It allows us to make a bridge between where we were/are –> to where we are heading. And begin to repair the relationship of trust between your mind and your body.

When we stop listening to our bodies signals, it starts to fight back…like a really good friend who loves you, and sees you really well, and sometimes needs to talk some sense into you. Whispers and sometimes screams of pain or aching to tell you what’s up.

The body (unconscious) is so smart, and it creates a compensatory strategy in moments, that we loop over and over again when we come up against a challenge, laying a foundation for it each time we perform an action/thought.

It creates these compensation strategies for our survival, in moments where it was too difficult or “too much” to handle doing the more “logical” thing.

So instead of beating ourselves up, the quickest way to shift the behavior is to thank our bodies and minds for that strategy and to recognize that we’d like to try something new.

That’s Trust…the next couple of days we’ll talk about what you can do with all of that trust now, as an entrepreneur.b

Keep Moving Forward.


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