…when you stay in either for too long…

We all have fear in moments. We all get confused.

But when it becomes a re-occurring theme. A pattern. It’s an unconscious strategy we’re implementing.

If I’m confused I don’t have to take action.

If you have an abundance of choices or options and you’re not taking decisive action…(after a moment/night to sleep on it), then you ALSO don’t have to risk rejection or failure.

Which keep you safe…but also STUCK.

🔑: If you have too many things you want to do, give them a SEQUENCE and tackle them 1 at a time.


You WILL be overwhelmed. You won’t follow through. You won’t take action. You’ll get exhausted.

Staying in any emotion for too long is a strategy that you may consciously or unconsciously be implementing.

What’s the emotion you’ve been flexing 💪🏼 too much, that’s become a pattern?


Aligned: 10 weeks to shift from Grind 😬 to Aligned 👑 begins July 22nd.

Shoot me a PM if it’s been resonating for you.


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