You are what you eat.”


“You are what you work with.”

If you work with numbers, you naturally have an affinity for numbers.
If you work with humans, you naturally have an inclination towards humans.
If you spend lots of time on your computer or your phone, you naturally become more like your technology.

Technology runs at lightening speeds. It never tires. It gets hot, from overuse sure, but it never grows tired. It can work around the clock, crunching numbers and answering complex questions. It’s automated. A specific input always has the same output.

…but humans are biologically different.

We tire. We need regeneration. As we grow our energy, it compounds. It’s not like a computer that just needs to get recharged. We have emotions. Whether we stuff them or not. We have traumas whether we stuff them or not.

Have you been trying to work like your computer?

Have you been taking neurotropics or brain supplements or caffeine just to maintain the status quo?

Can you keep this up for another 5 years?

The answer is no.

If you feel burnout coming on, you’re not alone. It’s an epidemic.

You deserve to feel good again. To feel confident and powerful again.

I’m thinking about creating a free 5 day technology habits course…would that be useful?

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