The opposite of Embodiment is Dissociation.

Many of us have used our smart phones to escape from what we’re feeling. To leave our existence here in our bodies, and instead live in the internet. The constant swiping and scrolling with no means to an end, rather than experience our feelings and grow from them.

“If you wanted to invent a device that could rewire our minds, if you wanted to create a society of people who were perpetually distracted, isolated, and overtired if you wanted to weaken our memories and damage our capacity for focus in deep thought, if you wanted to reduce empathy, encourage self-absorption, and re-draw the lines of social etiquette, you’d likely end up with a smart phone 📲

~Catherine Price: How to Break Up with Your Phone


If you want to re-connect to your Body, or USE all the knowledge you have as embodied wisdom…shoot me a PM.

Your Body Blueprint begins November 19th. Shoot me a PM for more info and a 🎁


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