Balance Is A Not What Your’e Looking For, Here’s Why

When we focus too heavily on getting it all just right and “balancing” it all, nothing really gets the attention it needs.

Change the word Balance to Priority. We can’t multitask, we only task switch.

So here’s the truth about balance:

🔑 We need to get perspective everyday on the whole scope of our lives and what needs attention and priority, then set out on handling one PRIORITY after another.

In sequence.

Holding all of them at once creates paralysis by analysis.

Robert Brault said, “We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal”

We need to CHOOSE what goal to go after, then go after it.

Then go after the next one ☝🏼

Then the next one ☝🏼

What’s your next priority today?


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