Do you guilt yourself for not working, but AVOID work at the same time?

Pretending (to yourself and others) that you’re researching, or being productive in your emails/Instagram for the 45th time today?

Every time I avoid something of my work, it’s because I’m insecure about the results that will come…

I’m overwhelmed by all the possibilities and all the things I need to do to build my “huge empire”

Trying to accomplish the whole thing in a day, including the perfection found over a lifetime of building.

The issue is I’m searching in the wrong place.

I make it about me and how the work will be interpreted by others.

Fearful of being rejected and abandoned. Maybe someone will steal something.

The 🔑 is making it meaningful for ME.

If it’s personal, it WILL be universal.

When I:

1. Focus on using my energy to
2. Make quality things,
3. that are personal to me,
4. And share them with others.

I win…so…

What’s the NEXT step?

Do that.

That’s success. That’s winning. That’s clarity.

That’s moving forward.


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