Are you creating and displaying things you’re proud of?

Chances are as a people-pleaser, and over-giver, you may be thinking too much about colleagues, friends, and the “market’s needs”.

You know what the market truly needs more of?


The thing with your signature on it.

The market needs you to quit trying to give them what everyone else is doing.

You have such a gift, but you haven’t been trusting yourself…

You got something so incredibly inventive, and new that it would dramatically change the lives of everyone you work with.

You don’t think you’re worthy, or fully trust you know your industry well enough, or think that you need to learn more.

If there’s one thing I’ve ever learned in entrepreneurship, is that that voice will never go away dude.

So get used to it, and thank it for trying to keep you safe.

But also befriend the flip side of the coin…that little kid part of you wanting to create something new no one else is doing.

Create something today that you’ve been shit-scared to truly give to your clients.

Hand it off with love at first. It’s your baby after all, so you don’t have force it on them.

Just make it available.

This accomplishes two things,

1. You can truly give them the service they’ve been waiting for unconsciously from you.

2. You can truly give your Heart the fulfillment it’s been wanting.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Who are you NOT to be the one making new and innovative things?

As a people pleaser, it can be scary to be decisive, or know you have something of value, and say, “hey I made this, and you should buy it.”

So handed off today, with a whole Lotta love, and little expectation of how it’s going to be received.


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