Last night, as we were laying in the warm covers of bed, Amanda and I had a really real conversation about our connection, and her feeling sadness, asking if we were still in love.

It was the passing emotion, but a real one, as this last month I’ve poured all my energy into my business….but for me, it was a beautiful reminder, and check for me, of my devotion to and for her.

Specifically my Intentionality.

It wasn’t for fear of losing her, or “doing it wrong”, but rather a reinvigoration.

A reminder of coming to stillness and presence.

Our last vow we both shared on our wedding day was, “I vow to always practice this relationship with you.”

I did not sign up for auto pilot. Even while growing my business rapidly, and spending long days on the phone with clients…

Devotion is not just that I bought flowers, but that I explain to her why I was inspired by the flowers, and why they made me think of her when I saw them.

Just as with everything in our lives, if we lose intentionality around our relationships, our fitness, our money, or career, they begin to fade.

What I’m probably most proud of in both of us, is that we have mechanics and structures built into our relationship to bring us back to ourselves and each other.

My question is:

What have you lost your Intentionality around?

Not so much where you haven’t put the time, but more were you have or haven’t put your PRESENCE?

Having a thriving relationship with Amanda is easy when I’m really present to her in our kisses, our dates, and daily reminders that I care for her so deeply.

In my work with my clients, I like to toe the line between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Supreme performance is about finding the perfect balance of unconscious productivity, and fulfillment AND conscious productivity and fulfillment.

Learning the structures and tools in your life (unconscious habits) That lead to inspired action on a daily basis.

On a day like today, I’m so proud of what I get to teach, and so proud of this love.

Amanda Ranae, this letter goes out to you, as you are the greatest gift in my life, And I vow to always INTENTIONALLY practice this relationship with you.


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