Are You a Leader in This Vicious Cycle?

Many clients come to me in this vicious cycle.

Too much social media —> overwhelmed —> social media to cope (veg out) —> even greater overwhelm

…which leads to a build up of guilt/shame and anger until we do a HUGE ADRENALINE FILLED BURST OF WORK…and crash.

It used to be that it was difficult, sometimes impossible to gain information. If it wasn’t in your personal library, a friends or at the public library it was difficult to get your hands on information…today it’s a little different.

In the 1990’s a term was coined:

“The CNN Effect”: 24/7 news coverage.

There’s so much information, with every single detail being scrutinized in order to fill time. Social media has reflected this in recent years. With every moment available to be taken up by your phone.

We literally have too much information available. It’s overwhelming to the mind. Our brains were not built for so many inputs.

And it’s now OUR personal responsibility: to our families, companies, our own sanity to curb our attention to these inputs.

Currently no one else is doing it for us (legislation), so we need to be the hero of our lives to scroll responsibly

If you’re overwhelmed, it means the brain and nervous system is taking in too much. There’s a back log of information that hasn’t been integrated.

We can get overwhelmed by trying to “stay up to date”, but we can also get overwhelmed by too much info in general, even from books.

It’s a fine line of input and output.

Yin and yang

Are you evenly balanced in what you take in and what you digest and then put out/teach?

If not, you’re probably overwhelmed.

Look at WHERE you get your information. Pick a 2-3 (Regular) sources tops.

Look at WHEN you take in inputs from the outside world. Pick 2-3 times / day.

Leave your days for expressing YOUR thoughts, feelings and intuitions.

One of my greatest joys is limiting my inputs. It’s a game to see how I can get the fewest and highest quality inputs during my day.

We need more of YOU. Not zombies mindless consuming and being overwhelmed.

Here’s to ALL of you being with us Leader. Stressing less and doing more.


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