“I seem to be wasting energy where I’m spending my time on a daily basis…

But I feel unsure of HOW to USE my energy,”

You’re afraid you’re doing Entrepreneurship wrong.

Or maybe you know what you “should” be doing, but can’t seem to do it consistently

Maybe you’re paralyzed with the possibilities.

Maybe you don’t feel like you belong anywhere?

My client “Joslyn” said,

“I want to feel my passion again.

I want to pour energy into everything I’m creating, and for my passion to increase as well. To feel Alive and Excited again! To Master Time!

And she did…she’s now feeling incredible…she’s “getting her life back together”

She said, “you’re the first coach who’s ever had me address my own issues first, before going out and crushing it”

I was in denial of the areas that were sucking up my life and creating a lot of hurt.

I was afraid to get help or take action…and since I did that with you it’s really making a difference in my business and in my peace…Thanks for standing for all my unconscious BS.”

…When did your life get so clunky, crunchy, rough?

…time to smooth it out.

Scale your Support OR Limit Yourself. ~Tim Wolf


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