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Intuition is the integration of ISOMA. The interconnection of our ISOMA elements is restricted, because connecting all of those circuits with send a current that exceeds our threshold. Intuition devolves into hunches or vague feelings they may just as likely reinforce the WWA as provide us help.

ISOMA interconnected, ISOMA in-sync, brings a state of knowing that is informed by feedback within and between the ISOMA channels

Many of us have lost touch with our intuition. We have deadened our ability to experience our all aspects of our world. And for good reason. It’s too much. The electrical circuitry of our systems “blowout“. It would simply be too much to experience. Our biology is smart, so it slows down the awareness of these signals coming in, to save us from the intensity of life. The good news is it stops the intensity of mad, sad, and fear, but the bad news is also dampens the joy as well.

Instead, we want to experience deep satisfaction and pleasure throughout our days and lives. We want to experience more than just hunches, but a deep sense of intuition and knowing about a thing.

Because we were so deeply ingrained patterns, in order to fix it, we need to defrost our system.


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