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During the industrial revolution, experts predicted that all the technological advances would make us so efficient that workers would need to work only four hours a day…Today we have a less free time, lower levels of happiness, and more stress. And we’re too busy and distracted to change. We need something different. ~ Tiffany Shlain

There’s something different and Revolutionary around knowing ourselves. Around not going dark, and disassociating. Leaving our bodies, as our minds continue to chatter away on our phones.

Our greatest work is in staying vigilantly alive and bright in our bodies, which can include taking breaks from technology, and resting inside a little while. To have the courage to turn away from our devices, and to instead search inside.

We can be courageous by simply trying new activities without posting them to social media accounts. without an intention of being seen by anyone. But instead participating purely for the intrinsic pleasure of trying a new activity. It can be difficult to try new activities when we are so fearful of not being perfect on the first go around. And why wouldn’t we be? Given our perfectly manicured social media accounts, it can be difficult to go out and actually live our lives without the paralyzing anxiety of nailing it the first time.

Technology can be such a force for good, but if we get to trapped in believing technology is the panacea for joy, happiness, and productivity, we lose sight of our humanity. The fact that we can’t optimize from anything else than what God has given us. Technology Can, at times be cancerous to our health, growing too fast, beyond where are Evolution and processing can go.

We are not technology, we are biology. Sure, technology can shout louder than biology, and be physically bigger and more dominant than biology, but nonetheless we are biology. We have a rhythms and cycles, with the rest being a massive part of How our system’s rejuvenate and grow steadily and sustainably.

If we try to grow at the speed of technology and AI, it is a house of cards, waiting to implode at the moment we reach our biological capacity to handle all of this technology. We are at that impass.

I invite you to stand up. Quietly. Peacefully. Inside of yourself. Stand up. Honor your biology. Rest. Go still. walk slowly. You are allowed that. It’s how you were made. Set down the device, and slowly back away. Get quiet and think. Play. Pull out some old board game with a friend. Laugh. Go jump in a river. Draw. Enjoy doing human things. Have intimacy with others. Be daring. Feel the rush of being alive again. Truly close. Intentional. Make eye contact. Ask each other how you feel. Listen. Cry. Laugh. But do it together. Be human.


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