Higher Standards

Where have you been letting others walk all over your standards?

Where have you been walking all over your OWN standards?

It’s SO easy to resent our partners, business or intimate for not living up to our standards, when the issue lies in us not having the deep KNOWING in our VEINS that OUR truth is the right one (for us.), so much so that we’re willing to stand for that truth.

We start to look to others, thinking that they may have a better answer or standard…we question ours. We fear conflict, and standing in what feels right for us.

If you’ve been unable to have high standards it’s NOT a standards issue…

It’s a Trust issue.

Trusting your own wisdom. You’re nervous system has been programmed for so long in the other direction.

So Today. Get some space from everything.

Go to nature, or take a walk outside, and Listen to what’s there, when no one else has an opinion…Listen to that opinion.

And you’re on your way to Higher Standards…


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