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Why you need time to incubate.

Incubation is that tough time between a problem or opportunity arising, and the insight.

It can feel uncomfortable, especially in a world where we are told that we can come to answers through hard work, blood, sweat and tears…To instead Just simply allowing time to lay fallow. To disconnect from technology, and find space… No. Create space for our brain to unconsciously digest and make sense of our world.

We all make time for our morning routines, and our side hustles, and hopefully brushing our teeth…

but do you make time to do nothing. To take long walks, and allow for divergent thinking, for your brain to do the thing it’s best at, to create solutions without strain.

Science has shown us time and time again that as we decrease our effort and strain mentally or physically, we increase our sensitivity and awareness.

That is why when going through tough periods, we are told to grit our teeth and get through it. By literally creating MORE tension in our bodies, we become less sensitive to the variations and degrees of stress were experiencing.

As we put our nose to the Grindstone, we may be able to have Herculean feats, But the long-term damage to our minds and bodies may not be worth it.


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