Many of us wait until we feel pressure internally calling ourselves lazy, or an external pressure of a deadline at someone else’s expense to jump into immediate action.

It seems like all of a sudden we muster up all the knowledge of what we need to do, and magically make it happen in days or even minutes.

Many of us even say we “thrive off of pressure”. Essentially, in flight or flight mode.

And we make our way towards burnout.

The real magic is in making your process not some mystical thing that you do every time this mini crisis roller coaster happens.

Many of us can’t fall in love with the process, because we aren’t CLEAR on the process.

So here’s the KEY 🔑:

To know and love the process, plotting our way towards it, in as sexy of a way as possible without missing any of the necessary steps.

In order to love your work and your creative process, we must first have that process be conscious.

You can even intentionally put less effort in on specific days, as long as you’re staying in the mindset that you are working towards the goal. Many of my clients may only do 40% on Tuesdays and Thursdays and boost their work load on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to 60%.

There’s no right or wrong. You get to decide what works best for you.

Once you’ve mapped out the creative process to go through again and again, if you don’t complete it, you know exactly why. “Oh right, I missed step 3.”

Having it mapped out also takes the emotion out of the process of creating whatever it is you do. A sale. A work of art. A new friendship.

Here’s the downside, you don’t have anyone else to blame anymore. You will see that if you didn’t do it, you just missed a step along the way.

Many of us have accustomed our nervous system to this level of pressure, so instead, try finding pressure in working out or practicing music or something where there isn’t anything really on the line, which can taking you emotionally tailspinning like work or relationships.

Here’s to your clarity and love of the process.

I’m willing to take 3 calls this week to help get clarity on YOUR process.

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